Kaitie's Art

Here's some art I've done for the Nonsenseloid utaus. Hope you like it :3

 Imitation Black Cover


 Meera: Bad Apple

 Narcissa Hello Planet

 Meera and Talon 1

Meera: The Little Mermaid

Cantarella Cover

 Meera and Ben 1

 Meera's concept art

 Meera: For a Dead Girl

All of the Nonsenseloids to date, including genderbends and "siblings". 

Talon's Concept Art 

 Meera and Talon: Trick and Treat

 Ben's concept art - (Kaitie and Dezy collab.)

More Talon art

 Johanna's concept art (Ben's genderbend g-23) - (Kaitie and Dezy collab.)

Johanna's concept art 2 - (Kaitie and Dezy collab.) 

Jordan's concept art (Ben's higher pitched brother) - (Kaitie and Dezy collab.) 

Talon's 2nd concept art

Meera: Aria Queen of the Night

 Narcissa's release picture

Meera Silent Hill Style

Meera and Talon 2

Meera: Daughter of White

 Talon Numa Numa

Meera: Melody.exe 

I'll keep posting these as I make them :)


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